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Pilates In Motion LLC 

I am a classically trained Pilates instructor and I have been teaching for 13 years, both in private and gym settings. Ten years ago I built my studio in my house and have been teaching from there since.  I have taught all populations and have extensive experience with special populations, as well as athletes.  

I have been riding since I was four years old.  I jumped until I was 15 when I switched to dressage.  I have had the amazing oppertunities to train with top judges and Olympic dressage riders since then. I have successfully competed my horse Provinciano all the way to Grand Prix.

The heart of Pilates In Motion LLC is geared toward riders, although I teach all and welcome all populations. I work with riders and their trainers to help develop a more balanced seat, creating much clearer aids for the horse, and instilling more confidence for the rider.  To be clear I am not going to be teaching you on your horse.  What I do is try to bridge the gap for the adult amateur who doesn't get to ride multiple horses a day.  I also work with professionals who need help fine tuning their bodies to be even more effective.  

Above all I work to create a good connection to the powerhouse, and from here create a better overall connection to your whole body.