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* We have a 24 hour cancellation policy

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Solo Session at Studio

60 mins

Package of ten


In your solo session we will focus on the fundamentals of the Pilates Method. Special attention is paid to the creating the correct connection throughout the whole of the repertoire. We will work on the imbalances in your body through various excersises on the different apparatuses, working toward creating a more balanced efficient body for you.  

All sessions are customized to what you and your body needs that day.

You will also receive a work sheet pointing out current imbalances and homework exercises listed for you to do.  This is redone every ten visits.

On top of this you will receive custom videos walking you through the exercises. These will also be changed every ten sessions.

If you are unable to make your session you also have access to virtual training with me.


Duo Sessions

60 mins
$45 per person

Package of Ten

$400 Per Person

The duo session is similar to the solo except that two people will be in the class.  Still focus will be on correct connection and balance throughout.  It is highly recommended, but not necessary that you be at a similar fitness level as your partner.

Both of you will also receive the same work sheet and videos for you that solo sessions receive.

You'll also get access to virtual training to stay on target with your goals.



60 mins
$30 per person

Package of Ten


This class can have up to 5 people and will be only on the mat, no apparatus.  We will go through the whole mat repertoire.  It is best that everyone who attends is the of the same experience level, although it is not necessary.  Modifications are given for all fitness levels. Both of you will also receive a work sheet pointing out current individual imbalances and homework exercises listed for you to do.  This is redone every ten visits.


Comprehensive Pilates for your barn

Starting at $350

This is our signature program for your barn.

This is a customized program for the trainer and their students. This program contains the following:  

A seat and posture assessment.

Three barn visits in a month customized as you need. I will be bringing spine corrector, foot corrector, and the High Low Chair.

Four virtual training sessions a month

Lunge lesson on your horse to work on translating the connection from the exercises into the saddle

Video exercises and homework to work with each week.

Due to the nature of this program and each persons personal goals the program can be further customized to meet your needs. It is of the upmost importance to me that you get the most out of this, and see and feel tangible results. Price will vary due to customization needed. 


Pilates Barn Clinic


At client

$85 per person


This is a great way to bring the Pilates connection into your barn.

We start with an hour mat class focused on the core connection we create in Pilates. Emphasis is placed on how to connect correctly and then how the connection and exercises can apply in the saddle.

Following the mat is the mounted portion. Each session is 45 minutes and each person has the opportunity to work on the connection in the saddle. We spend time with your specific goals and work to help you develop a more independent, effective seat.


Pilates Barn Party

Your place or mine

Pricing upon request

What's a Pilates barn party?

Think Pilates may be right for your riders, but aren't sure? Here's a great way to try the program and see if it's going to be a right fit for you, and your riders.

How would you like to be able to help your riders out of the saddle? At this party we develop skills from Pilates. These skills can be practiced out of the saddle, but will translate into the saddle.

The party can be customized to fit you and your riders needs. It will consist of Pilates exercises to help them connect to their core and understand and correct imbalances in their body.  With the new awareness of their body and seat, they are then better able to connect to and be aware of their horses. 

It's also a nice way for a barn family to get together and spend time working to improve  what they love with people they love.


3o Minute trial

30 Minutes


Curious about Pilates? This a great way to learn what it's all about.  In the 30 minutes you'll get to experience the method and apparatuses as well as my approach to teaching this life altering method. Come experience what Pilates can do for you.


Virtual Training

60 Minutes


Loved the barn clinic or party and want to continue to learn more? We can train one-on-one online. In these sessions you’ll learn the mat repertoire along with foam cylinder work, and ball work. Each session has the ability to be recorded so you can review and practice with it!