I hope you can appreciate my burn from my stirrup leathers. It’s the raw looking spot. Where my finger is pointing is where I used to get them last year! I’ve only had 2 lessons with you but you’re so much of the reason why my leg is in a much better position now!!! Thank you!

Geneva McNamara

Marilyn Scalo

I have taken Pilates instructions from Brooke with Pilates In Motion for well over 10 years. I have found the exercises to be tailored specifically to me and my body. It has helped to build my core strength and muscle balance. Extraordinary sessions.

Jennifer Bland Triolo

Brooke has introduced me to Pilates and has truly helped with body awareness, core strength, and flexibility over the last few months. We've identified weak areas and improved my posture, especially in the saddle. I love that she is helping to improve my riding as I approach the half century mark.

Lisa Koster Fastuca

I am just getting started and Brooke is patient and explains everything so I feel like an expert... also I am working parts of my body I never knew existed.


Joe Rizzo

I have witnessed and benefitted from Brooke’s skills since before Pilates In Motion LLC. I am continually amazed at her ability to articular her vast knowledge into easily applicable instructions. Her work with riders speaks for itself, but it does not stop there. While I am not a rider I’m very interested in postural strength and Brooke’s expertise never fails me. She made a lasting impression on me many years ago and when I began to have lower back and hip issues, coming up with adjustments not only for what was giving me trouble at the time, but also to it more “guy-friendly” — I was often the only male in her classes. My goal is to combat bad posture from extensive sitting from commuting and working, and what i am getting from Brooke is a thoughtful, we-thought-out plan that makes sense and can be applied to my everyday life. I feel some trepidation on giving this review because it means Pilates In Motion LLC will no longer be a secret!


Thank you so much Brooke L. Centrella! You are making such a difference in our riding, and I can’t wait to do more! Anyone who wants to take their riding to the next level should engage Pilates In Motion, LLC to help achieve their goals.

Katie Hutchins Wigness


Here is a beautifully detailed blog post from Allison Stitzinger, who attended my Jan. 12, 2019 clinic at Toma Farms.