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Falling off your workout routine? Want to see results more quickly?

So you've made it to the studio or I've come to your barn.  You've got your homework and videos but are having a hard time making your studio appointment or doing your homework.  Need a little more motivation or just need to make it even more accessible to achieve your goals?  I know how life happens, and it's hard to integrate a new routine.  Good News!!!

This is what your virtual training sessions are for! We can go over your homework and build on it.  This way if you miss a session or two or feel you're not really understanding the homework I can help you right in the comfort of your home.  Plus I am now able to record and send you the virtual session, so you can refer back to these lessons as well!

If you have bought a package, these sessions are included in the package and are the value of a half a session.  If you don't have a package don't worry you can purchase a package of ten virtual training sessions or pay as you need.